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    SubjectRe: [RFC] /sbin/hotplug multiplexor - take 2
    Greg KH wrote:
    > Ok, based on the comments so far, how about this proposed version of
    > /sbin/hotplug to provide a multiplexor?

    It'd be a reduction in functionality. I could no longer just
    type "/sbin/hotplug" to see what agents disabled or missing ...
    or notice that since hotplugging was on, the problem had to be
    RH9 storing /bin/true into /proc/sys/kernel/hotplug again! :P

    If the idea is just to loosen today's "one agent per event"
    rule (I've had that idea too), then wouldn't it be simpler to
    just (a1) pay an extra process context, not using "exec" to run
    /etc/hotplug/$1.agent, and when it returns (a2) THEN try other
    programs? Or even (b) just modify appropriate agent scripts
    to do so, instead of /sbin/hotplug?

    I'd think better about this problem if I had a handful of
    examples showing why category-specific or event-specific
    dispatch wouldn't be preferable.

    - Dave

    > ----------
    > #!/bin/sh
    > DIR="/etc/hotplug.d"
    > for I in "${DIR}/$1/"* "${DIR}/"all/* ; do
    > test -x $I && $I $1 ;
    > done
    > exit 1
    > ----------

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