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Subject[ATM] more changes available for testing...

new changes with this release --

. the vcc socket list is now global instead of per interface
. more drivers have been tested with the smp locking (iphase, fore200e)
other have the changes, but are untested due to no hardware (lanai, idt77252)
. alloc_tx, free_rx_skb are no longer part of struct atmdev
. iovcnt has been removed -- linux-atm should use skb.nr_frags in the
. ATM_PDUOVHD has been removed (it was 0 anyway)
. some (very unlikely) races in net/atm/svc.c were addressed
. listenq was dropped in favor just using the receive_queue of the
listening 'socket'
. 2.4 makefile issues corrected (or so i think)
. SO_ATMQOS should be more 'stack' friendly
. skb->cb is memzero'ed before calling netif_rx()

previous changes included --

. should no longer race when opening vcc's -- atm_find_ci is obselete
the upper layer always allocates the vpi/vci with the proper locking
. fixes a race for device numbering in atm_dev_register()
. make the list of vcc's global. this simplifies the code quite a bit,
and for a vast majority (single atm card) its essentially the same.
. converts vcc->itf to vcc->sk->bound_dev_if
. lets proc/fore200e/eni walk the vcc list safely now

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