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SubjectRe: stabilty problems using opengl on kt400 based system
On Monday 14 April 2003 11:16, Denis Vlasenko wrote:
> On 12 April 2003 15:10, Frank Van Damme wrote:
> > compiling. However, if Istart running OpenGL applications (games)
> > (quake,tuxracer or whatever) themachine will freeze in anything from
> > 2 minutes to an hour. The last frame remains on the screen, but I can
> > still login over ssh and reboot. The drivers of this card are only
> Can you login over ssh and collect useful info?
> Top, ps, various /proc/* files?

Yes, what I noticed is that a) the app in question disappears immediately when
the problem occurs (but the image on the screen freezes) and b) which Nuno
Silva said: X starts eating all the cpu (instead of the app).

Frank Van Damme | "Saying 8MB of RAM doesn't do as much anymore is
http://www. | like saying a gallon of water holds more than it | did in 1988." --George Adkins

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