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SubjectRe: top stack (l)users for 2.5.67
2.5 seems to be getting some driver care, lately. Compared to 2.5.64,
far less drivers were removed after make allyesconfig.

Again, all functions using >1k stack frame on i386.

44 functions for .67, .64 still had 51, things are getting better here
as well.

Is intermezzo still actively maintained? I submitted patches for those
two presto-functions several weeks ago and didn't notice any feedback.

0xc0221fe6 presto_get_fileid: sub $0x1194,%esp
0xc02209a6 presto_copy_kml_tail: sub $0x1028,%esp
0xc099bd9d gdth_ioctl: sub $0xb7c,%esp
0xc08f2548 ide_unregister: sub $0x988,%esp
0xc082d9ab v4l_compat_translate_ioctl: sub $0x8d4,%esp
0xc08b3743 ia_ioctl: sub $0x84c,%esp
0xc0e4a013 snd_emu10k1_fx8010_ioctl: sub $0x830,%esp
0xc084c6c6 w9966_v4l_read: sub $0x828,%esp
0xc0ddb53b snd_cmipci_ac3_copy: sub $0x7c0,%esp
0xc0ddbb5b snd_cmipci_ac3_silence: sub $0x7c0,%esp
0xc0aa10c8 amd_flash_probe: sub $0x72c,%esp
0xc0105650 huft_build: sub $0x59c,%esp
0xc01073d0 huft_build: sub $0x59c,%esp
0xc02d9c56 dohash: sub $0x594,%esp
0xc0108256 inflate_dynamic: sub $0x554,%esp
0xc05e2733 ida_ioctl: sub $0x54c,%esp
0xc01064a6 inflate_dynamic: sub $0x538,%esp
0xc0fb00e3 device_new_if: sub $0x520,%esp
0xc0216b86 presto_ioctl: sub $0x508,%esp
0xc0e44368 snd_emu10k1_add_controls: sub $0x4dc,%esp
0xc0e68646 snd_trident_mixer: sub $0x4b4,%esp
0xc0106307 inflate_fixed: sub $0x4ac,%esp
0xc01080b7 inflate_fixed: sub $0x4ac,%esp
0xc0909bc1 ide_config: sub $0x4a8,%esp
0xc0f9d5db br_ioctl_device: sub $0x498,%esp
0xc05c6bbc parport_config: sub $0x490,%esp
0xc0bec486 sw_connect: sub $0x490,%esp
0xc0c105c3 ixj_config: sub $0x484,%esp
0xc0bf3011 uinput_alloc_device: sub $0x480,%esp
0xc10b3d76 sctp_hash_digest: sub $0x45c,%esp
0xc103e443 gss_pipe_downcall: sub $0x450,%esp
0xc03b1268 ciGetLeafPrefixKey: sub $0x428,%esp
0xc0454b53 befs_error: sub $0x418,%esp
0xc0454bc3 befs_warning: sub $0x418,%esp
0xc0454c33 befs_debug: sub $0x418,%esp
0xc07b1256 wv_hw_reset: sub $0x414,%esp
0xc16bcec5 root_nfs_name: sub $0x414,%esp
0xc0c37b42 bt3c_config: sub $0x410,%esp
0xc0c3bcc2 btuart_config: sub $0x410,%esp
0xc076cb71 hex_dump: sub $0x40c,%esp
0xc0326c17 jffs2_rtime_compress: sub $0x408,%esp
0xc0c360ff dtl1_config: sub $0x408,%esp
0xc0c39f56 bluecard_config: sub $0x408,%esp
0xc0326d15 jffs2_rtime_decompress: sub $0x404,%esp


Measure. Don't tune for speed until you've measured, and even then
don't unless one part of the code overwhelms the rest.
-- Rob Pike
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