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    SubjectRe: kernel support for non-english user messages
    Shaya Potter <> writes:

    >yes, yes. I of course agree, just saying that if someone really wanted
    >to do it, banging out a skeleton solution that can be filled in
    >shouldn't be "that" hard. Getting it "right"(tm) would be tougher, but
    >I think doable. The reason I think no one has done it, is because no
    >one is really that interested.

    The main problem of open source software development and open source
    programming is, that most developers bang out a cool "skeleton
    solution" or a "two weeks project" and after that, hope that some
    volunteers will fill up the spaces that they left when they turned to
    the next "cool skeleton solution".

    Thats' why 90+% of the project on sf are dead and of the rest, most
    are in a "beta" state.

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