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SubjectRe: PATCH: allow percentile size of tmpfs (2.5.66 / 2.4.20-pre2)
Am Die, 2003-04-01 um 21.25 schrieb Hugh Dickins:

> Simply because quite a lot of the tmpfs code is concerned with moving
> pages between ram and swap: if you've limited ram and no swap, you may
> not want to waste your ram on that code! One day I might try applying
> #ifdef CONFIG_SWAPs within mm/shmem.c; but I might well not, it could
> get ugly, and looks rudimentary elsewhere - do we intend to get serious
> about CONFIG_SWAP?

It would be more waste to have both ramfs and tmpfs in compiled form
since the whole system is intended to run on embedded systems with CF as
well as on faster machines with harddrive and swap.

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