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    SubjectRe: PATCH: allow percentile size of tmpfs (2.5.66 / 2.4.20-pre2)
    On Tue, 1 Apr 2003, Daniel Egger wrote:
    > Am Die, 2003-04-01 um 18.24 schrieb Christoph Rohland:
    > > But on these systems you better use ramfs.
    > Just curious: Why? I'm using tmpfs on these systems and I'm rather
    > satisfied with it; especially the option to limit the amount of space
    > makes it rather useful. According to the documentation ramfs is most
    > useful as an educational example how to write filesystems not as a
    > real filesystem...

    Simply because quite a lot of the tmpfs code is concerned with moving
    pages between ram and swap: if you've limited ram and no swap, you may
    not want to waste your ram on that code! One day I might try applying
    #ifdef CONFIG_SWAPs within mm/shmem.c; but I might well not, it could
    get ugly, and looks rudimentary elsewhere - do we intend to get serious
    about CONFIG_SWAP?


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