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    SubjectRe: [PATCH][ATM] make atm (and clip) modular + try_module_get()
    chas williams wrote:
    > sk->receieve_queue i suspect -- more on that later) while the skb are
    > moved to copy. i am afraid i dont know much about how the clip driver
    > operates.

    What's happening there is that new CLIP connections start as normal
    native ATM VCs, owned by atmarpd. When atmarpd clears them for IP
    traffic, all the data that has been queued so far (i.e. any ATMARP
    messages, and any IP - typically I'd expect to find a SYN there)
    is removed from the native ATM VC's queue, and fed into the non-ATM
    part of the stack, for de-encapsulation, etc.

    Note that ATMARP will be delivered again to the "native ATM" VC's
    queue, because that's how atmarpd receives ATMARP messages.

    Figure 6 of
    shows the overall design (some details have changed since then,

    - Werner

    / Werner Almesberger, Buenos Aires, Argentina /
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