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    Subjectxmms (audio) skipping in 2.5 (not 2.4)
    OK, so I finally took the plunge, and put 2.5 on my main desktop as well as
    just the lab machines ;-)

    Generally seems to work very well, and VM performance is much more stable
    than 2.4 ... but xmms seems to skip if I just waggle the scrollbar in some
    windows. This happens most in my email client (which is Mulberry), but
    other things show it to a more limited extent.

    The audio pauses happen on a simple window scroll down, without intensive
    CPU background activity ... they're very short in duration, which makes it
    *feel* more like the audio buffer is too small than a scheduler problem,
    but I'm just guessing really.

    So ... is there any easy way I can diagnose this? Does anyone else have a
    similar problem?

    Audio is SiS SI7012 ALSA driver emulating OSS. Athalon 2100, 512Mb.
    kernel = 2.5.63-mjb2


    PS. In the unlikely even that anyone's particularly fascinated by one app,
    Mulberry isn't free, but a free demo can be downloaded from if you wade through the registration ... as I say,
    unlikely ;-)
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