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Subjectmmap-related questions
Greetings!  I hate to ask this type of questions here,
but having searched the list and googling, I have
found no good answers, so here goes..

If I use mmap to give me a sliding window view onto a
file (mmap/munmap/mmap or mremap), how can I sync all
unmapped memory associated with the file?

I read from Stevens that "the call to munmap does not
cause the contents of the mapped region to be written
to the disk file.", but I don't want to pay the
penalty of doing many msync()'s each time I move my
I tested that fsync() does not seem to sync pages that
were mapped with mmap. Is there some way to sync all
data associated with the file? Is there a way which
is also portable to Solaris 2.6?


BTW: I'm using 2.4.7 (RH enterprise)

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