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SubjectRe: Bad interactive behaviour in 2.5.65-66 (sched.c)
On Sat, 2003-03-29 at 21:33, Con Kolivas wrote:

> Are you sure this should be called a bug? Basically X is an interactive
> process. If it now is "interactive for a priority -10 process" then it should
> be hogging the cpu time no? The priority -10 was a workaround for lack of
> interactivity estimation on the old scheduler.

Well, I do not necessarily think that renicing X is the problem. Just
an idea.

We do have a problem, though. Nearly indefinite starvation and all sort
of weird effects like bash not able to create a new process... its a

Renicing X, aside from some weird client-server starvation issues with
stuff like multimedia programs, should not cause any problem. It should
help, in fact. But, you are right, its not needed in the current

Robert Love

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