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SubjectRe: 3c59x gives HWaddr FF:FF:...
"J.A. Magallon" <> wrote:
> > Please take the 2.4.20 3c59x.c and place that into the 2.5 tree and confirm
> > that it does the same thing (it will).
> >
> Hum, I suppose you want to say take the _2.5_ one and put into my _2.4_ tree ?

No, I didn't mean that. But you can do that too.

> Some previous answer also talked about a more recent version in -ac.
> (btw, can 2.5 be useful for something ? does not the driver depend on a new
> arch of, for example, the PCI layer ? )

The netdevice interface hasn't been broken yet ;) 2.4 drivers (or at least
3c59x.c) still work OK in the 2.5 tree.

> > Then try disabling APCI and/or otherwise fiddling with your power management
> > options (maybe in BIOS too).
> >
> I don't build ACPI, just APM power-off (SMP box).

Oh, OK.

As I say, it it probably power-management related. Try enabling ACPI. Try
disabling APM. Try altering the BIOS settings.

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