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SubjectRe: lm sensors sysfs file structure
Greg KH wrote:
> True, but multi-valued files are not allowed in sysfs. It's especially
> obnoxious that you have 3 value files when you read them, but only
> expect 2 values for writing. The way I split up the values in the
> lm75.c driver shows a user exactly which values are writable, and
> enforces this on the file system level.

Agreed, I never knew which of the three values had which functionality.
For via686a this would be inX, inX_min, inX_max, tempX, tempX_overshoot
(over = overshoot = os ?), tempX_hyst, and so on.

> Entry Values Function
> ----- ------ --------
> temp,
> temp[1-3] 3 Temperature max, min or hysteresis, and input value.
> Floating point values XXX.X or XXX.XX in degrees Celcius.

If we're restructuring it, I think we should also agree on _one_ common
denominator for all values ie. mVolt and milli-Degree Celsius, so that
no userspace program ever again has know how to convert them to
user-readable values and every user can just cat the values and doesn't
have to wonder if it's centi-Volt, milli-Volt, centi-Degree, dezi-Degree
or whatever.



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