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    SubjectRe: Kernel Boot Speedup
    On Thu 06 Mar 03 01:19, Ro0tSiEgE LKML wrote:
    > What are some things I can change/disable/etc. to cut down the boot time
    > of the kernel (i386) ? I would like to get one to boot in a couple
    > seconds, tops. Is this possible, and how?

    I just noticed this post in an oldish Kernel Traffic. I got the following
    timing for booting a uml kernel to an IDE root disk:

    time ./linux ubd0=/dev/hda6 init=/sbin/halt >/dev/null
    real 0m3.146s
    user 0m0.310s
    sys 0m0.040s

    This includes shutdown, and the IDE disk is only 5400 RPM (1 GHz PIII). UML
    isn't initializing any physical devices, which would account for most of the
    delay on a native kernel. It doesn't do any decompression either. On the
    other hand, there are ways to trim the boot time further, e.g., with run-time
    precedence relations to control task start order. As others have mentioned,
    the limiting factor is likely to be hard disk spin-up time.

    To cut down the bios initialization time, use Linux Bios:

    Claimed fastest boot time is 3 seconds, which sounds like they are talking
    about a full kernel boot as opposed to just bios start.

    I suppose a cold start time in the one second range is achievable without
    major hacking of the kernel, using a flash disk, Linux Bios, and minimal
    startup scripts.


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