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    SubjectRe: problems with rivafb again
    James Simmons wrote:
    >>I'm getting plenty of those when switch from X (nv driver) to console
    >>(rivafb) since your latest code got merged in bk. Also, the console
    >>screen is really corrupted when switching back from X (sort of worked
    >>before) and the little penguin isn't drawn anymore at bootup time.
    > Do you have "UseFBdev" in your XF96Config file? You need to enable that
    > otherwise X and fbdev will conflict when setting the hardware. As for the
    > little penguin you need need to enable the Logo code in the video menu.
    > The logo code is also used by the SGI Newport driver.
    I've no such settings in my XF86Config. But it used to work before
    without it - I'll try.
    And as you may have seen from my .config options, the logo code _is_
    enabled or did I overlook something?


    # Logo configuration
    # CONFIG_LOGO_LINUX_MONO is not set
    # CONFIG_LOGO_LINUX_VGA16 is not set

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