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    SubjectQuery about SIS963 Bridges
    Please CC me on without the spam as I'm not subscribed 
    - thanks.

    I've just got a new machine (2.5 GHz pentium lots of RAM and disk space)
    which has one of these SIS963 Southbridge creatures and I get the
    message on booting a 2.4.19ish sort of kernel.

    Unknown bridge resource 0 - assuming transparent

    Alas it's very clear that it isn't transparent and I can't get to half
    of the PCI stuff - worst of all the built-in Ethernet and any Ethernet
    card I plug in. It would seem that it isn't too transparent as the
    reported IRQ and IOMEM assignments for the devices are all scrambled.

    I changed the message in drivers/pci/pci.c to report the base and limit
    values extracted and they are e000 and d000 respectively which explains
    why the code chokes on it.

    I've followed a long thread about fixing this on transparent bridges -
    can some kind guru give me some runes to get this machine off the
    ground? A quick and dirty my-machine-only hack would be fine for me if
    not fully aesthetically pleasing to all and sundry.

    I've looked at the SIS website and it wasn't a lot of help. They
    referred me to the motherboard mfr (ASUS). I emailed ASUS but still no joy.

    I see the built-in Ethernet is an SIS900 no doubt that is more fun in
    store with that but I've got a small stack of alternative PCI cards on
    the windowsill which I'll stuff in if I can get past this problem.

    John Collins Xi Software Ltd

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