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SubjectRe: i2c-via686a driver
Am Sonntag, 23. März 2003 21:27 schrieb Christoph Hellwig:
> // The following register sets temp interrupt mode (bits 1-0 for temp1,
> // 3-2 for temp2, 5-4 for temp3). Modes are:
> // 00 interrupt stays as long as value is out-of-range
> // 01 interrupt is cleared once register is read (default)
> // 10 comparator mode- like 00, but ignores hysteresis
> // 11 same as 00
> Please don't use C++-style comments in kernel code.

Why? It's a valid C99 feature and since the kernel already uses C99
initializers it won't compile with compilers that choke on C99 comments

Be at war with your voices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every new
year find you a better man. (Benjamin Franklin, 1706-1790)

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