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    SubjectRe: ISAPNP BUG: 2.4.65 ne2000 driver w. isapnp not working
    On Sun, 2003-03-23 at 16:26, M.H.VanLeeuwen wrote:
    > NE2k ISAPNP broke around 2.5.64, again. There are 2 parts to the attached
    > patch, one to move the NIC initialization earlier in the boot sequence
    > and the second is a HACK to get ne2k to work when compiled into the
    > kernel, I've never tried NE2k as a module...
    > 1. The level of isapnp_init was moved to after apci. Since it is now
    > after net_dev_init, ISA PNP NICs fail to initialized at boot.
    > This fix allows ISA PNP NIC cards to work during net_dev_init, and still
    > leaves isapnp_init after apci_init.

    We must initialise ACPI before ISAPnP because we need PCI and ACPI to
    know what system resources we must not hit. How about moving the
    net_dev_init to later ?

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