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Subject[PATCH 2.5.65-ac3] Updates for PC-9800 related (4/5) NIC
This is the update patch for NEC PC-9800 subarchitecture related files
against 2.5.65-ac3. (4/5)

Update network card patch.
Remove duplicated C-bus cards entry from Kconfig.

Osamu Tomita

diff -Nru linux-2.5.65-ac3/drivers/net/Kconfig linux98-2.5.65-ac3/drivers/net/Kconfig
--- linux-2.5.65-ac3/drivers/net/Kconfig 2003-03-23 11:47:15.000000000 +0900
+++ linux98-2.5.65-ac3/drivers/net/Kconfig 2003-03-23 11:56:18.000000000 +0900
@@ -1225,55 +1225,6 @@
bool "NEC PC-9801-108 Support"
depends on NE2K_CBUS

-config NET_CBUS
- bool "NEC PC-9800 C-bus cards"
- depends on NET_ETHERNET && ISA && X86_PC9800
- ---help---
- If your network (Ethernet) card hasn't been mentioned yet and its
- bus system (that's the way the cards talks to the other components
- of your computer) is NEC PC-9800 C-Bus, say Y.
-config NE2K_CBUS
- tristate "Most NE2000-based Ethernet support"
- depends on NET_CBUS
-config NE2K_CBUS_EGY98
- bool "Melco EGY-98 support"
- depends on NE2K_CBUS
-config NE2K_CBUS_LGY98
- bool "Melco LGY-98 support"
- depends on NE2K_CBUS
-config NE2K_CBUS_ICM
- bool "ICM IF-27xxET support"
- depends on NE2K_CBUS
-config NE2K_CBUS_IOLA98
- bool "I-O DATA LA-98 support"
- depends on NE2K_CBUS
-config NE2K_CBUS_CNET98EL
- bool "Contec C-NET(98)E/L support"
- depends on NE2K_CBUS
- hex "C-NET(98)E/L I/O base address (0xaaed or 0x55ed)"
- depends on NE2K_CBUS_CNET98EL
- default "0xaaed"
-config NE2K_CBUS_ATLA98
- bool "Allied Telesis LA-98 Support"
- depends on NE2K_CBUS
-config NE2K_CBUS_BDN
- bool "ELECOM Laneed LD-BDN[123]A Support"
- depends on NE2K_CBUS
-config NE2K_CBUS_NEC108
- bool "NEC PC-9801-108 Support"
- depends on NE2K_CBUS
config SKMC
tristate "SKnet MCA support"
depends on NET_ETHERNET && MCA
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