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    SubjectIDE todo list
    (Minus some stuff which is NDA'd because it involves unreleased chips

    - Promise 20376
    - Audit Promise drivers
    - BIOS timing stuff
    - Simplex mode reassignment intelligence
    - IDE-SCSI crashes on 2.5
    - IDE-SCSI/reset race on 2.4/2.5
    - Forward port remaining drivers to 2.5
    - Add ATAPI virtual DMA
    - Add DMA active irq poll trick
    - Clock switching for Highpoint 372N
    - Support for SATA bridge on HPT
    - Intel ICH5 errata audit
    - Intel Centrino idents and errata audit [Merged for 2.5]
    - Explain rather than just fix the CMD680 mmio collision problem
    - Finish hotplug handling
    - Revert identify hacks now ide-default is present
    - Allow multiple driver binding for ide-cd/ide-scsi etc
    - Locking for unload driver
    - Locking for modular load onto a busy interface
    - ADMA full support
    - Mark Lord/Andre ideas on LBA28/LBA48
    - Finish verifying 256 sector I/O or larger on LBA48
    [How to handle change dynamically on hotplug ?]
    - Clean up ide_unregister paths
    - Finish ide pcmcia code hot unplug interface registers
    - Finish ide pcmcia unregister path retry logic
    - IRQ detect broken for some setups
    - Check full PCI clocking info on HPT37x
    - Rewrite HPT37x controller type logic
    - Debug TRM290
    - Fix up the hwif based sectors per transfer limit
    - How to handle generic class IDE devices by class only
    - Opti support for the 558 ?
    - Can we resolve NDA's with SiS ?
    - Audit ALi driver use of config register bits on bridge
    - Document the calling properties for each driver function
    - Work out how to fix up all the TCQ crashes
    - Does taskfile I/O now work after the bug fixes ?
    [do we care 8))]
    - Multiple taskfile load support for controllers that have it
    [big performance win]
    - IDE specification issue - mishandling error abort on ATA6
    - 20276 with i960 SX6000 mishandling
    - Investigate breakage in ide-floppy on 2.4
    - Merge new ACPI + relax into the -ac tree
    - Get Arjan's info on IDE violations in simulator

    Alan Cox <>
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