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    SubjectRe: [patch] sched-2.5.64-D3, more interactivity changes
    On Tue, 2003-03-18 at 21:52, Andrew Morton wrote:
    > > Could people, who can reproduce 'audio skips' kind of problems even with
    > > BK-curr, give this patch a go?
    > I do not test for multimedia performance and cannot comment on this.

    I'm still getting starvation problems. If I run xmms with the "Goom"
    visualizer (with the window large enough that it is CPU-bound), then
    type a command into a shell window (say, ps), it will not run the
    command until I close or shrink the goom window. xmms itself plays
    fine, though sometimes it fails to go to the next track, apparently for
    the same reason (ie, it starts the next track when I disable the

    Goom is available from It
    installs pretty easily if you have xmms installed.

    That said, it does seem to be better than previous schedulers (for
    example, 64-mm8). It used to starve xmms so much that I couldn't close
    operate the UI to turn off the visualizer.


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