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    Subjecttop Stack (l)users for 2.5.65
    32 functions using >=1k of kernel stack on i386

    The list is _much_ shorter than the 2.5.64 one. But I don't know how
    to interpret that yet.

    oldconfig created about the same amount of work as allyesconfig and
    hand-pruning of breaking drivers. The resulting .config might have
    changed a lot, enough to account for 19 lost functions.

    0xc01b6994 presto_get_fileid: sub $0x1164,%esp
    0xc01b5634 presto_copy_kml_tail: sub $0x1018,%esp
    0xc06b2704 i2o_proc_read_ddm_table: sub $0xb48,%esp
    0xc056daf9 v4l_compat_translate_ioctl: sub $0x924,%esp
    0xc05beed6 ide_unregister: sub $0x8a0,%esp
    0xc05403d4 writerids: sub $0x820,%esp
    0xc05855f4 w9966_v4l_read: sub $0x820,%esp
    0xc06b53f4 i2o_proc_read_lan_alt_addr: sub $0x81c,%esp
    0xc06b4c74 i2o_proc_read_lan_mcast_addr: sub $0x81c,%esp
    0xc0540224 readrids: sub $0x810,%esp
    0xc06b2bb4 i2o_proc_read_groups: sub $0x810,%esp
    0xc0105409 huft_build: sub $0x598,%esp
    0xc0106e59 huft_build: sub $0x598,%esp
    0xc023e794 dohash: sub $0x580,%esp
    0xc0438ad4 ida_ioctl: sub $0x53c,%esp
    0xc0107bd4 inflate_dynamic: sub $0x52c,%esp
    0xc0106104 inflate_dynamic: sub $0x51c,%esp
    0xc08eb604 device_new_if: sub $0x518,%esp
    0xc01ad654 presto_ioctl: sub $0x4fc,%esp
    0xc05ced04 ide_config: sub $0x494,%esp
    0xc0107a67 inflate_fixed: sub $0x490,%esp
    0xc0105f97 inflate_fixed: sub $0x490,%esp
    0xc08e7bf9 br_ioctl_device: sub $0x490,%esp
    0xc0425034 parport_config: sub $0x47c,%esp
    0xc07c6d04 ixj_config: sub $0x478,%esp
    0xc0333b66 sha512_transform: sub $0x440,%esp
    0xc09326e4 gss_pipe_downcall: sub $0x43c,%esp
    0xc02a8c74 ciGetLeafPrefixKey: sub $0x41c,%esp
    0xc064a804 aic7xxx_detect: sub $0x404,%esp
    0xc050a998 hex_dump: sub $0x400,%esp
    0xc0323942 befs_warning: sub $0x400,%esp
    0xc03238f2 befs_error: sub $0x400,%esp


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