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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] dev_t [1/3]
        From: Jeff Garzik <>

    > So, kill cdev_cachep, cdev_cache_init,
    > cdfind, cdget, cdput, inode->i_cdev, struct char_device.
    > All of this is dead code today.

    You're also removing refcount code... why not fix it up instead?

    I agree your patch is mostly correct from a "today" standpoint,
    but from a long term standpoint ...

    Your remarks have been made a few times already, and each
    time I answered that my objective was to give Linux 2.6
    a 32-bit dev_t, and my objective is not to do work that
    is not for 2.6 but for 2.8.

    Al made a brief appearance last week - if he decides to do
    the character device setup now, that might change things.

    If he doesnt do this then I wouldnt mind doing it,
    but I suppose dev_t will keep us busy for some more time.
    There is good progress on the kernel side, but we also
    need some glibc fixes.

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