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    SubjectRe: Linux BUG: Memory Leak
    	(Response sent to me, bounced back to the list where brighter 
    minds may be able to offer useful suggestions)

    > Please don't start the post with a negative tone; focus on a
    problem in software rather than > on insulting the people from whom you

    Sorry.  And, no, I'm not insulting people.  But I do encourage good
    programming practices.  Don't you? :)

    >you tell us what kernel version you're using, what modules are

    Sorry.  I forgot--2.4.20.  Modules: ne2000 network driver, pci; via-rhine,
    pci; emu10k1, pci; usbcore, uhci, usb mouse; all iptables modules--all of

    >want to mention what Linux distribution you're using.

    Sorry.  Slackware 8.1.  Won't help.

    >kernel yourself.

    I compiled the kernel myself.  Memory leak located in kernel.

    > Does the system pass a night's worth of memtest86 successfully?

    Kernel memory leak.

    >If we can rule out hardware, that narrows the problem space down

    cards: emu10k1, via-rhine, pci; ne2000, pci; usb standard, intel.  Via
    chipset, unknown - on another computer right now.  but that's *not* the

    > Again, it sounds like you're taking an insulting tone. :-)

    I am sorry.  I'm usually direct.  I will try to look for the bug this
    weekend, but i have a few things to do.  Sigh.

    > "Acts dead" - what does that mean? Sluggish?

    Dead.  It's a DOSS over the system.  All I did was install this game,
    hoping to play it, after a few weaks.  Anyway, the systems installs,
    X11-KDE running (140 Megs total by X11 and KDE); Linux installs it, then
    it gets slower and slower, etc.  Finally dead.  Even the interrupts
    die--only keyboards, usb mouse; but the network still works (slowly)).

    >seconds, then returns to normal? Swapping madly? For how long?

    Swap space will become full.  Then the duel-1Ghz with 1 MByte system will
    die - hardware -- except network - interrupts die.

    >lockup, no keys do anything? Does the caps lock key change the
    state of the caps lock led? Do the caps/scroll/numlock lights flash on and
    off without keypresses? Does anything show up in the logs on next boot?
    Can you kill X11 with Ctrl-Alt-Backspace? Can you reboot the box with
    Ctrl-Alt-Del? Does Sysrq-S force disk activity? Can you ssh in from

    >another box when it "acts dead"?

    Interrupts are dead on the keyboard and mouse, except for the harddisk and

    > What are the last few lines from "vmstat 1" when the system

    Ah, i did not use that.  not on my box now.  sorry.  but the ram is 0
    free, system is working, but interrupts are crippled.

    > Can you make the problem occur with fewer programs, say, just
    with Mozilla, or just with > Unreal?

    Yes.  Xine - movie player.  I watch a few movies (not completely) and
    Linux keeps using memory until it acts dead.  In other words, I watch Lord
    of the Rings: Two Towers.  Then the system will play the movie slower,
    slower, until the frames' speed record becomes about 5 to 10 fps.  Then i
    will just stand still - frozen - and some hardware interrupts (keyboard,
    usb-mouse) will not respond.

     >show up? Minutes, hours, days?

    This occurs in about 2 hours or less.  Not time-dependent, sort of like
    Stationary states in quantum mechanics.

    > If you'd prefer, feel free.

    I will try.  Fibre optics and school do take time.

    >You do remember that the people from whom you're asking help
    have day jobs too, right? >*grin*

    Yea.  Why are you working on Linux again?

    Don't get offended to anything. I respect those who write for Linux.  But
    I do believe, that If one will write open source software as major as
    linux, one should not write software if they're not serious -- that is,
    good at relative, but-free programming -- toward it.  Just a thought.


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