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    SubjectRe: dpt_i2o.c memleak/incorrectness
    >>   There is something strange going on in drivers/scsi/dpt_i2o.c in both
    >> 2.4 and 2.5. adpt_i2o_reset_hba() function allocates 4 bytes
    >> for "status" stuff, then tries to reset controller, then
    >> if timeout on first reset stage is reached, frees "status" and returns,
    >> otherwise it proceeds to monitor "status" (which is modified by hardware
    >> now, btw), and if timeout is reached, just exits.
    > Correctly - I2O does the same thing in this case. Its just better to
    > throw a few bytes away than risk corruption

    Better document it in the comments or it will get "corrected" by some
    mem leak detector. If possible try to use a static for the pointer to
    the status block, but that may not work. Re-enterant code and multi CPU
    situations likely won't allow for that. Also it might not be worth the
    effort to properly determin if it is safe to use only one location.

    - Bryan

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