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    SubjectRe: Compactflash cards dying?

    > > > I had compactflash from Apacer (256MB), and it started corrupting data
    > > > in few months, eventually becoming useless and being given back for
    > > > repair. They gave me another one and it is just starting to corrupt
    > > > data.
    > >
    > > That is very bad... I wonder if you do something that the CF does
    > > not like - like power off while writing (can actually destroy the
    > > disk - read in some newsgroup)
    > I am led to believe that this is normal for CompactFlash. I seem to
    > recall that the phrase 'bogroll technology' was used by the last person
    > to attempt any serious testing.
    > It's fine for short-term storage of stuff like digital photos, but don't
    > try using it for long-term storage. Think of it like a floppy disc -- if
    > you have any _important_ data, make sure it's backed up or copied onto
    > at least three of them to avoid loss.

    Well, this seems *way* more crappier than floppies. Floppies will not
    fail within five minutes if you only start using them :-(.
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