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    SubjectRe: [PATCH][2.5.59-bk]Sysfs interface for ZT5550 Redundant Host Controller
    On Wed, 2003-02-05 at 13:14, Scott Murray wrote:
    > On 5 Feb 2003, Rusty Lynch wrote:
    > > Here is a second version of the zt5550 reduncant host controller sysfs
    > > interface patch. I have first of all removed several of the more advanced
    > > (and therefore more dangerous) chip features, and also moved the root
    > > of these files to the 'zt5550_hc' directory that was already being created
    > > in bus/pci/drivers/ so that the directory view now looks like:
    > I'll likely poke around a bit more, but I can probably live with something
    > along these lines. My objection to exposing stuff like the HCC, ISOC, and
    > ARBC registers is that my gut feel is that it would be a pain to handle
    > them getting changed arbitrarily from userspace inside the driver,
    > especially if someone does the work to make it RSS capable.
    > Scott
    > PS: Are you still interested in changes to handle the ZT5550C versus
    > ZT5550D issues, or are things working to your satisfaction at the
    > moment?

    Since Stanley is seeing his ZT5550C work correctly with your latest
    patches, I am assuming that I probably have some early engineering
    version of the ZT5550C, and it isn't worth worrying about.


    > --
    > Scott Murray
    > SOMA Networks, Inc.
    > Toronto, Ontario
    > e-mail:

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