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    SubjectRe: About /etc/mtab and /proc/mounts
    Joseph Wenninger wrote:
    > Hi
    > Am Don, 2003-02-27 um 07.40 schrieb Kasper Dupont:
    > > Miles Bader wrote:
    > > >
    > > > Kasper Dupont <> writes:
    > > > > I don't think you can put all the information from /etc/mtab
    > > > > into /proc/mounts without breaking compatibility.
    > > >
    > For KDE 3.1 I've written a mount watcher, which checks the modification
    > time of the /etc/mtab to recognize mount/unmount activity, which broke
    > for linux from scratch( for now, they have updated there install
    > instructions), because they linked to /proc/mounts, which doesn't seem
    > to support mtime.

    It seems the mtime of anything under /proc simply gives the current time.
    Would that be hard to change? And would anything break if /proc/mounts
    gave the time of the last change? It shouldn't be a major problem to
    record the time of the last sucessfull mount, remount, or unmount.

    Kasper Dupont -- der bruger for meget tid på usenet.
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