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    Subject[PATCH] PC-9800 subarch. support for 2.5.62-AC1 (0/21) summary
    This is additional patch to support NEC PC-9800 subarchitecture
    against 2.5.62-ac1.

    You can get whole patchset from URL below.
    Comments and test reports are wellcome.

    o alsa-pc98.patch (1/21)
    ALSA sound drivers for PC98.
    o apm.patch (2/21)
    APM support for PC98. Including PC98's BIOS bug fix.
    o console.patch (3/21)
    PC98 Standard console support (without japanese kanji character).
    o core-misc.patch (4/21)
    Small core patches for PC98.
    o dma.patch (5/21)
    DMA support for PC98.
    o fs.patch (6/21)
    FAT fs and partition table support for PC98.
    o ide.patch (7/21)
    PC98 standard IDE I/F support.
    o kanji.patch (8/21)
    japanese kanji character support for PC98 console.
    o kconfig.patch (9/21)
    Add selection CONFIG_X86_PC9800.
    o network_card.patch (10/21)
    C-bus(PC98's legacy bus like ISA) network cards support.
    o parport.patch (11/21)
    Parallel port support.
    o pci.patch (12/21)
    Small changes for PCI support.
    o pcmcia.patch (13/21)
    Small change for PCMCIA (16bits) support.
    o pnp.patch (14/21)
    Small change for Legacy bus PNP support.
    o rtc.patch (15/21)
    Support RTC for PC98, using mach-* scheme.
    o scsi.patch (16/21)
    SCSI host adapter support.
    o serial.patch (17/21)
    Serial port support for PC98.
    o setup.patch (18/21)
    Support difference of IO port/memory address, using mach-* scheme.
    o smp.patch (19/21)
    SMP support for PC98.
    o timer.patch (20/21)
    Support difference of timer, using mach-* scheme.
    o traps.patch (21/21)
    Support difference of NMI handling, using mach-* scheme.

    Osamu Tomita <>

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