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    SubjectRe: Minutes from Feb 21 LSE Call
    Mark Hahn wrote:
    >>OK, so now you've slid from talking about PCs to 2-way to 4-way ...
    >>perhaps because your original arguement was fatally flawed.
    > oh, come on. the issue is whether memory is fast and flat.
    > most "scalability" efforts are mainly trying to code around the fact
    > that any ccNUMA (and most 4-ways) is going to be slow/bumpy.
    > it is reasonable to worry that optimizations for imbalanced machines
    > will hurt "normal" ones. is it worth hurting uni by 5% to give
    > a 50% speedup to IBM's 32-way? I think not, simply because
    > low-end machines are more important to Linux.
    > the best way to kill Linux is to turn it into an OS best suited
    > for $6+-digit machines.

    Linux has a key feature that most other OS's lack: It can (easily, and by all)
    be recompiled for a particular architecture. So, there is no particular reason why
    optimizing for a high-end system has to kill performance on uni-processor

    For instance, don't locks simply get compiled away to nothing on
    uni-processor machines?

    Ben Greear <> <Ben_Greear AT>
    President of Candela Technologies Inc

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