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    SubjectRe: via rhine bug? (timeouts and resets)
    On Tue, 11 Feb 2003 16:44:49 +0100
    Roger Luethi <> wrote:

    RL> The patch attached below will definitely solve some of the problems
    RL> you're seeing (e.g. "excessive collisions" on a switch). Feedback
    RL> welcome. As I've explained in previous postings, the current event
    RL> handling is pretty broken.
    RL> I have nailed down a number of problems even this patch doesn't fix,
    RL> but it's kinda hard to build from there, since testing feedback has
    RL> been basically zero. Pretty amazing considering how common Rhine
    RL> hardware is. I guess I should write code for NUMA or ia64 instead,
    RL> _they_ have testers <g>.

    Well.. It didn't solve my problems.. Still the same errors.. :/

    Everyone I know who have a rhineII-card does have the same problem.. I can
    be your personal tester, just make my card work, pleeeeeease? :PP

    RL> You shouldn't need to force full duplex, btw.

    Nah, that was "just in case".. ;)

    Henrik Persson
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