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SubjectRe: Catching NForce2 lockup with NMI watchdog
On Tue, 2003-12-09 at 19:12, Ian Kumlien wrote:
> Bob wrote:
> > Using a patch that fixes a number of people's nforce2
> > lockups while enabling io-apic edge timer, I can now
> > use nmi_watchdog=2 but not =1
> Why regurgitate patches that are outdated, Personally i find int
> outdated after Ross made his patches available and they DO enable
> nmi_watchdog=1. (I have seen the old patches mentioned more than once,
> if something better comes along, please move to that instead.)
> Anyways, Is there anyway to detect if the cpu is "disconnected" or, is
> there anyway to see when the kernel sends it's halts that triggers the
> disconnect? (or is it automagic?)
> If there was a way to check, then thats all thats needed, all delays can
> be removed and the code can be more generalized.
> (Since doubt that this is apic torment. It's more apic trying to talk to
> a disconnected cpu... (which both approaches hints at imho))

Have these patches been submitted for review for inclusion into the main

I'm still running the old IO-APIC patch (Uptime 3d 20h) and having no
issues whatsoever.

Are all of the patches at that address you provide necessary?

What do the IDE ones claim to fix? I have had no real issue with IDE at
all.. being able to burn CDs, DVDs, use my ATA133 drive for hdparm,
greps, compilation, and general use.....


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