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SubjectRe: lilo and system maps?
> {0}:/usr/share/doc/lire>strings /boot/vmlinuz-2.6 | grep -i 2.[46] | head
> 2.6.0-test11-bk2 (root@wally) #3 SMP Thu Dec 4 12:41:42 EST 2003
> M2#6gbQ+
> {2 6B

Of course the correct solution is to have the kernel version in the file
name... and have linux-current or whatever as a symlink. Besides truth
be told the kernel version is far too little to identify a kernel anyway,
there's also compilation options - they can change a lot - and all the
patches which were/are applied to it. I keep`uname -r`,
vmlinuz-`uname -r`, .config-`uname -r`, descr-`uname -r` in my /boot dirs
- the first three come from the kernel and the last is a text file
containing notes about what patches were applied (I keep an up to date
descr file in each kernel source dir).


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