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SubjectRe: ICH5 docs
Jeff Woods wrote:
> At 12/30/2003 12:22 PM -0500, Jeff Garzik wrote to linux-kernel:
>> Karel Kulhavy wrote:
>>> Where can I learn about ICH5 SATA RAID driver in Linux kernel 2.6.0? I
>> Intel "RAID" is software RAID. There isn't any hardware RAID assist...
>> So ICH5 looks pretty much just like any other PATA host controller.
> Oh? My understanding (which I admit is very high-level) is that Intel's
> ICH5 southbridge supports SATA; but to get SATA+RAID requires the ICH5R
> southbridge. If not, what are the practical differences (if any)
> between the ICH5 and ICH5R?

None; as I said, Intel's RAID is _software_ RAID. You simply need to
use the "iswraid" Linux driver to access the proprietary vendor RAID
metadata format on your disks.

If you do not wish to be locked into proprietary vendor RAID, then just
use Linux's md RAID, and you may pretend that ICH5 and ICH5R are exactly
the same :)


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