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    SubjectRe: udev and devfs - The final word
    Rob Love wrote:
    >>One thing that I'm confused about with respect to device files is how
    >>kernel arguments are supposed to work. Now, we _seem_ to have a
    >>mish-mash of different ways to tell the kernel which device to open as
    >>a console, which device to use as a suspend device, etc.... Now, all
    >>of the device names are being migrated to userland. How is the kernel
    >>supposed to determine which device to use when it is told use
    >>/dev/hda3 or /dev/ide/host0/something/part3 as the suspend partition?
    >>The kernel no longer knows to which device this string this device is

    > The kernel uses the device number to understand what device user-space
    > is trying to access. The kernel associates the device with a device
    > number. Normally that number is static, and known a priori, so we just
    > create a huge /dev directory with all possible devices and their
    > assigned numbers (you can see these numbers with ls -la).

    Let me try to rephrase Nathan's question more explicitly.

    If user policy decides all naming, how does the kernel parse e.g.
    root=/dev/foo arguments? Or the swap partition to use for swsuspend?

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