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SubjectRe: PROBLEM: nForce2 keeps crashing during network activity
> Might be a mandrake source thing, not liking nforce2 perhaps?
> If you don't mind a bit of work, you could download current standard 2.4.23
> kern source, add my patches, compile with acpi and uniprocessor ioapic,
> Athlon etc. use the onboard nic, and try it with apic_tack=1 kernel arg.
> Regards
> Ross.

Transfered 1,8 GB without any crash. As the nvnet module seems to be part of
the NVIDIA released drivers I use my Realtek 8139 (like before when I had the
crashes). I just compiled the NVIDIA drivers and will give it a run. I am
wondering where the actual bug might be located as you remember that I did
not use APIC in the first place.

Thanx for help


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