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SubjectRe: Blank Screen in 2.6.0

On Mon, 29 Dec 2003, Paul Misner wrote:

> On Sunday 28 December 2003 12:14 pm, wrote:
> > Ok. After being without power for the past few days due to record
> > snowfall, I'm alive again. So I made the changes people had recomended on
> > the list. Upgraded to the lastest module-init-tools, and disabled the
> > frame buffer support in the kernel. So the only graphic option enabled is
> > text mode selection. But when I boot I still get a blank screen!
> >
> > My lilo.conf contains a line: vga=773, which works beautifully under
> > RedHat's stock 2.4.20-8. I get a nice screen with approximately 132x48
> > display. Under 2.4.20 I am not loading any frame buffer that I'm aware of.
> > It's not listed in my moduiles:
> >
> Just a suggestion, but why not use vga=normal, which is text mode, instead of
> graphics. You don't get the boot logo, but it does give you all the boot
> messages on 80x24. I have been having the same issues, with an Nvidia card,
> and I decided it wasn't worth spending any time on it, since I really just
> wanted to see the messages, not any pictures.

I've found that using "rivafb" does not work with my Geforce3, and from
talking to various people on IRC about it I get the impression that rivafb
is broken for any card newer than Geforce2. "vesafb" though works quite
well with never NVidia cards.

If I build my kernels with "rivafb" enabled I get a blank screen as well,
but using "vesafb" all is fine (so is just plain vga=normal or
vga=extended, but I prefer the fb console :)

Just my 0.02 euro

/ Jesper Juhl

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