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    SubjectRe: The survival of ide-scsi in 2.6.x
    On 2003.12.28 23:57, Pete Zaitcev wrote:
    > > I need ide-scsi to survive. Why? I maintain osst, a driver for
    > > OnStream tape drives, which need special handling. These drives
    > > exist in SCSI, ATAPI, USB and IEEE1394 versions.
    > > One high-level driver, osst, handles all of them, and that's how
    > > it should be, right? For ATAPI, it relies on ide-scsi.
    > >
    > > (By the way, ide-tape contains code for the ATAPI version, the
    > > DI-30, but that code is old and has serveral known problems -
    > > I'd like to see it removed - or at least deprecated - I will do
    > > that myself later if people want me to.)
    > Based on my expirience with ide-tape, I would rather have it
    > killed instead. One neat trick to appease enemies of ide-scsi
    > might be to rename it into ide-scsi into ide-tape-bis.
    > Might even add DSC bit handling... But the ide-tape is too
    > ugly to live for sure.

    I would agree, but would that get any people in trouble? That is,
    are there any IDE tape drives currently supported by ide-tape,
    that are not compatble with ide-scsi plus st?

    Thanks, Willem Riede.
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