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    SubjectRe: Can't mount USB partition as root
    > > Is it possible to boot kernel with root from /dev/sda1 (USB)?
    > > partition table: whole /dev/sda is one partition (sda1), type 83 (Linux).
    > > Tried also switching on and off hotplugging in kernel and it didn't help.
    > Well, is the device detected and the partition table scanned before the
    > root mount is attempted?
    > I believe this should work given you've compiled in all the necessary
    > code. Please capture the dmesg using serial console/netconsole/whatever
    > and post it along with your .config.

    I did this with 2.4 a few months back. Basically all I did was add the same
    delay before mounting root as the kernel does with mounting a root floppy.
    Problem is the kernel is too fast for the usb code to find the disk.

    I'v been wanting to ask this question. How can I make the kernel "sleep"
    for say 5 seconds (or pause or something, whatever is required to delay
    execution) to wait for the device to become available. I tried the same
    thing doing nfsroot with a cardbus nic which fails because the kernel
    doesn't see the card until after it attempted to mount /

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