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SubjectRe: Best Low-cost IDE RAID Solution For 2.6.x? (OT?)
Johannes Ruscheinski wrote:

> Hi,
> We're looking for a low-cost high-reliability IDE RAID solution that works well
> with the 2.6.x series of kernels. We have about 1 TB (8 disks) that we'd
> like to access in a non-redundant raid mode. Yes, I know, that lack of
> redundancy and high reliability are contradictory. Let's just say that
> currently we lack the funding to do anything else but we may be able to obtain
> more funding for our disk storage needs in the near future.

It really depends on what you mean by low cost? The ony ide raid
controller that does 8 PATA drives well under linux is the 3ware
controller. For SATA drives you have the 3ware, and adaptec controller.
In theroy the highpoint 8 port sata card would be a good canidate
for software raid, but highpoint has yet to cough up an open source
drive yet.

It you want to go the software raid route and have 2 spare pci solts.
You can go with either the high point rocket raid 454 (PATA), or the
promise SATA150 TX4.

I really don't recommend any of promise's cards that use use the i2o
driver, or any sort of binary only driver.

PS- Why not at least run software raid 5? It takes far less cpu than
you'd think, and can save your ass.
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