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SubjectRe: Can't eject a previously mounted CD?
> Does everyone who has this problem by chance have it occuring on an 
> atapi cd recorder. As of 2.6.0-mm1 my cd recorder is being labeled read
> only by the ide-cd driver. Meaning, no matter if i set the readonly
> flag in hdparm to 0, cdrecord and others will refuse to write to the
> drive because it's being told it's read only. I do not have fam loaded
> at the time of this testing. Are there new ide-cd arguments required to
> use atapi cd writers in native mode?

I have it happening on both my optical drives. One is a lite-on ATAPI cd-rw, the
other an ATAPI Pioneer dvd-rw/cd-rw. No fam/gnome running. I do use automount
with these drives, but I can see that the mounts have been expired, yet I can't
eject them using the button. Tested last night using both ide-cd and ide-scsi.
Same result with either access. When they're locked, fuser shows nothing
attached, as does lsof. I can eject them with the eject command.


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