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    SubjectRe: filesystem bug?
    Hello ,

    Friday, December 26, 2003, 9:22:25 PM, you wrote:

    Bxynj> Hi,

    >>I got other errors on ext3 filesystem include:
    >>1. missing file
    >>2. corrupted file
    >>but when I used fsck.ext3 to check the ramdisk, the result was clean.

    Bxynj> Dlion, how did the corrupted file look like?
    Bxynj> (its file size, number of blocks etc.)

    1. some corrupted files is truncated to 0 bytes. Blockcount is 0.

    2. some corrupted files is truncated . the result is a shorter file.
    the new size is multiple of block size.

    3. maybe all corrupted files' mtime is exactly the same
    wrong value. Should be around 2003.12.26 21:30:00, but
    is 2002.05.12 12:00:48(hex value is 0x3cdde8f0) . ctime
    and atime is correct. The system's clock time is unchanged.

    4. it seems that the corrupted files tends to exist in the same

    Use a 128000k bytes ramdisk you can get these results in less than
    30 minutes. BTW, your test script is very good. Thank you.

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