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    SubjectRe: allow process or user to listen on priviledged ports?
    On Wed, Dec 24, 2003 at 05:43:09PM +0100, Sven K?hler wrote:
    > my problem is, that i want an application to listen on a priviledged
    > port (e.g. port 80) and to run as a "normal" unpriviledged user

    I would give your application this capability (from #include "linux/capability.h")

    /* Allows binding to TCP/UDP sockets below 1024 */
    /* Allows binding to ATM VCIs below 32 */

    #define CAP_NET_BIND_SERVICE 10

    You do this with a setuid wrapper which drops all capabilities but
    that one and then runs your application.

    One day there will be a way of doing this in the filing system, so
    instead of doing a chmod u+s you do a chmod +CAP_NET_BIND_SERVICE or
    something! Until then use a setuid wrapper....

    Here is a FAQ

    Actually the FAQ mentions sucap which seems to be a fairly standard
    program (its in Debian anyway!). You could use this too...

    Nick Craig-Wood
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