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SubjectRe: handling an oddball PS/2 keyboard
On Thu, Dec 25, 2003 at 02:49:40AM +0000, David Monro wrote:

> I have a slightly odd PS/2 keyboard which I'm not quite sure of the best
> way to handle. Its an NCD N-97, which shipped with some NCD X terminals
> and also with some Mips workstations IIRC. Most of the keys produce the
> normal scancodes, and most which don't can be fixed using setkeycodes.
> However there are 2 keys which can't be made to work, which are F9 and
> F10. The problem is that these produce raw scancodes 0x60 and 0x61,
> which means the _release_ codes (setting the top bit) are 0xe0 and 0xe1.

Interesting. I rearranged my scancode data page a bit and added
your info - see
Are your scancodes identical to those reported by Benjamin Carter?

> So.. could I get a bunch of people to have a look in
> /proc/bus/input/devices, and see what the 'Version' field for their
> keyboard is? If it turns out that 0xab85 turns up on normal keyboards
> then obviously I'll have to abandon the 2nd approach (or find another
> way to ID it).

The overwhelming majority of all keyboards give 0xab83, translated to
0xab41, incorrectly back translated by the 2.6 kernel to 0xab02.

> What chance would either of these approaches have of getting merged?

Yours is the second report I see for ID 0xab85.
I have no information on the details of the other keyboard.
I suppose Vojtech will have no objections to using this ID
to skip the tests for e0 and e1 as protocol (escape) scancodes.
Either everybody is happy, or we learn a bit more about unusual keyboards.


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