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SubjectRe: Linux 2.6.0
Andrew Morton wrote:
> Linus Torvalds <> wrote:
>>Andrew has written up some caveats and pointers to information about 2.4.x
>> vs 2.6.x changes, and I'll let him post that. Some known issues were not
>> considered to be release-critical and a number of them have pending fixes
>> in the -mm queue. Generally they just didn't have the kind of verification
>> yet where I was willing to take them in order to make sure a fair 2.6.0
>> release.
> It's actually rather short because I started late. See below.
> There are also the "must-fix" and "should-fix" lists of items which we have
> identified as still on the 2.6 todo list. These are at
> and

Cheers, thanks, and a public salud, boss ;-)

> - Please report any problems to the appropriate mailing list. If you do
> not know which list to use, send the report to
> and it should reach the right person. Some active subsystem mailing lists
> are:

For networking, I request people mail

> Alternatively, kernel bug reports may be entered into the kernel bug
> tracking system at

I prefer the organization-agnostic


FWIW it's more a defense against "" domain name changes, than
anything else... will be around decades from now, IMO.

> - The ATA RAID drivers (eg the HighPoint RAID driver) have not been ported
> to the new BIO code and are not available under the 2.6 kernel at this
> time.

These will appear as Device Mapper modules, Arjan has posted. I'm
planning on digging my hands into some of that too, now that Promise has
opened their softRAID spec a bit.

from the #3 networking beaver,


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