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SubjectRe: PCI Express support for 2.4 kernel

Hopefully, they (or we, should I count myself?) are not completely brain
Old method still works.
All game is about to give full 4k. It will be required for new deices.
If all you need is PCI devices behind PCI-E/PCI brigde,
it will work fine with old method.


Linus Torvalds wrote:

>On Tue, 16 Dec 2003, Vladimir Kondratiev wrote:
>>I re-worked the patch. This time it uses fixmap; I added config
>>parameters to disable this code and to handle non-default base address.
>Ok, this looks sane to me.
>However, I have a totally independent question: do new PCI Express host
>bridges really not just suppor the old PCI config access interface?
>Quite frankly, if I was a manager in charge of a PCI Express host bridge,
>and it didn't support the old C8C IO access patterns, I'd be so ashamed of
>myself that I'd kill my whole development team with rat poison, and then
>blame them for the mistake(*).
>Do we know of any sudden suspicious death waves inside certain groups at
> Linus
>(*) That's how managers work, after all. Long gone are the days when
>personal shame caused you to take personal responsibility.

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