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    SubjectRe: filesystem bug?
    On Wed, Dec 17, 2003 at 08:31:55AM +0900, Tsuchiya Yoshihiro wrote:
    > Hi,
    > Stephen, I don't have anything helpful for debuging at this point. We
    > noticed the problem
    > by debuging our SCSI driver. Then we found that the same thing happens
    > on generic
    > SCSI disk and IDE also. The problem we observed in our driver was that
    > while it is
    > processing a buffer, which should be locked by BH_LOCK, the contents of
    > the buffer were
    > overwritten. The amount of overwrite is a few byte to 1KB out of 4KB,
    > which cannot be done
    > in our driver. Then, we tried a generic SCSI and I reproduced the problem.
    > I think it is not because of a broken pointer because overwrites only
    > happen in data buffers
    > and other parts of memory seem ok.

    Umm... You do realize that if you have a shared writable mapping, the
    buffer contents _can_ change during the IO? Legitimately. When dirty
    page is being written to disk, it remains mapped. So process can change
    its contents just fine.

    BH_LOCK does not prevent that and it was never supposed to...
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