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SubjectRe: PCI lib for 2.4

Actually, it will be first a user-space driver.

Maybe I wasn't clear:

I link the PCI library with '-lpci' option, but it seems the library is
not complete, ie I can't use the whole lib. For example, the compiler
cannot link pci_resource_start() func. or pci_fond_device(). I think
these are usually in all pci libraries... My lib does not support dma
abilities too.

My problem is that I have several pci.h files which contain these
function (the 'whole package?'), but I don't have the lib that fits

For example
>>grep pci_resource_start /usr/lib/pcilib.a
returns nothing. I think it should.

I was just wondering how I will be able to retrieve the good lib, which
I can't find on my PC. Tried to update the Red Hat (and kernel), but
it didn't change anything in my lib. I guess someone installed sthg on
my PC, which removed the 'good' pci library, or changed it for an other
lighter version.

Is there anything related with CONFIG_... flags??


Le dimanche, 14 déc 2003, à 23:40 Europe/Paris, Peter Chubb a écrit :

>>>>>> "Damien" == Damien Courouss <Damien> writes:
> Damien> Hi all, I'm a rookie in Linux development, and I have to
> Damien> develop a small driver for a data-acquisition card on PCI
> Damien> port.
> Is this a user=space or in-kernel driver? A user-space driver will
> link with -lpci; an in-kernel driver needs to be built as if part
> of the kernel.
> --
> Dr Peter Chubb peterc AT
> The technical we do immediately, the political takes *forever*

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