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    SubjectRe: 2.4 vs 2.6
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    Jan Rychter wrote:

    |>>>>> "Marcelo" == Marcelo Tosatti
    |>>>>> <> writes:
    | [...] Marcelo> 2.6 is already stable enough for people to use it.
    | Yes, that's an old post I'm responding to, but I've just given 2.6
    | a try on my desktop machine, and the above statement seems even
    | more annoying. I hit the following problems:
    | -- I had to wrestle ATI drivers into compiling, they finally did,
    | but the kernel prints scary-looking warnings with call stacks,
    | about "sleeping function called from invalid context at
    | mm/slab.c:1856, -- modules don't autoload for some reason (though
    | I'm sure that could be solved), -- bttv does not compile, so no
    | video input for me, -- drivers for my telephony card (from Digium)
    | are not 2.6-ready, so no telephony support for me, -- I have just
    | frozen the machine hard by copying files over NFS and doing a
    | simulation write to an ATAPI CD-RW at the same time.
    | I haven't even gotten to VMware and user-mode Linux, which I also
    | need, and I'm not even dreaming about getting my scanner to work.
    | Not to mention that on my laptop there would be an entirely
    | different set of issues, and software suspend in 2.6 is, well,
    | still lacking.
    | So, as for me, 2.6 is a definite no-no. I see no advantage
    | whatsoever in running it, it caused me nothing but pain, and there
    | is no improvement that I could see that would justify the upgrade.
    | So please be careful when making statements like that. 2.6 is *NOT*
    | stable enough nor ready enough for people to use it, unless those
    | people have a narrow range of hardware on which the 2.6 kernel has
    | actually been tested (translation: they have the same hardware as
    | the main developers do).
    | --J.

    My specs:
    Cpu:Athlon XP 2500+ BARTON {10x190}
    Mobo:EPOX 8RDA3 + NFORCE 2
    Ram:Corsair TWINX 512 3200LL{dual channel/11-3-2-2.0}
    Fan:Cooler Master +7
    Video:Hercules 3D Prophet 9600 PRO Radeon 128MB

    My Hercules 3D Prophet 9600 PRO Radeon simply freezes my comp. with
    ati-drivers from so I need to press reset!(so I only can run
    My sound (nvidia on board) works very shitty and I have no control on
    it (level sound I mean).
    I was running 2.4.23 vanilla + lvm1 so I moved to 2.6 vanilla+lvm2 and
    now I can not move back

    These are my biggest problems with 2.6.
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