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    SubjectRe: acpi related error.....
    On Sat, Dec 13, 2003 at 03:57:33AM -0800, neel vanan wrote:
    > Currently i am working on RedHat9.0 kernel 2.4.20-8, i
    > am compiling kernel 2.6.0-test11 with NUMA and SMP
    > enabled. I had selected summit though i am having
    > non-summit box. When i am trying to make bzImage in
    > the last i get this message:
    > drivers/built-in.o(.init.text+0x30cf): In function
    > `acpi_parse_slit':
    > : undefined reference to `acpi_numa_slit_init'
    > drivers/built-in.o(.init.text+0x30f0): In function
    > `acpi_parse_processor_affinity':
    > : undefined reference to
    > `acpi_numa_processor_affinity_init'

    You are likely enabling CONFIG_NUMA on a PC subarch or trying to build
    CONFIG_X86_SUMMIT without CONFIG_ACPI; this is ridiculous as PC means
    non-NUMA and Summit means ACPI. I'm not sure how you selected this

    Best to turn off CONFIG_NUMA unless you have an x440, x445, or NUMA-Q.

    -- wli
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